Inspired by the Mardi Gras flambeauxs

he encountered in New Orleans in the 70’s during his residency at medical school, when Dr. William Gladney came back to his hometown to pursue his medical career, he sought to inject a bit of New Orleans Mardi Gras into his Baton Rouge neighborhood. Dr. Gladney formed the Krewe of Southdowns, and in 1988, the Krewe of Southdowns Flambeaux Parade was born.



krewe of southdowns



EST. 1988

Under the flickering orange glow of their torches, the Southdowns Flambeaux always lead the front spearhead of the parade, and embody the fiery heart and soul of Southdowns.

Our night floats are original and hand-built, reflecting the artistic creativity for which our Krewe is widely known.

Every year, the High Command takes great pride in tactical planning, organization, mapping, and radio communication.


Dazzling, glamorous, and always with theme-inspiried costumes, the Dancing Girls tradition goes back to the earliest Southdowns Parade.